What We Do


Korsa has been on the forefront of the best methods for compliance. We provide LDAR monitoring of affected facilities for OOOOa. OGI Certified, secure hosting of 5 year record keeping requirements. Development of the site specific plan and maintaining the database generating annual reports and prefilling CEDRI excel template.

Program Development and Audit:

Specifically designed for your plant or operating facility in order to maintain compliance with Federal and State EPA regulations. Written program and specific guidelines for each system and component. Focused on NSPS, NESHAP, MACT (HON) and Texas 28M and 28VHP.

 Project Services:

We have tagging services, GPS route enhancement, turn-around project assignments, and P&ID construction and verification.

Monitoring Services:

Method 21 monitoring for NSPS, NESHAP, MACT (HON) and Texas 28M and 28VHP.

Flare and Blowdown Emissions:

Korsa has developed TotalEIĀ© to track and report emission events for Title V regulated facilities. Record keeping and reporting according to TCEQ and EPA requirements.


We offer a full line of filtration from the best names in the filtration industry. From air and hydraulic filters to oil and fuel filters. Meet with us today to discuss your filtration needs.

Emission Testing:

Exhaust emission testing for compressors and turbines with portable analyzers. Detailed reports for quarterly or monthly monitoring.

Calibration Gas:

Korsa Technical LLC is now a PortaGas Distributor. Contact us today for pricing!